...from out on the branches, fifteen feet above the ground, i could see a larger horizon, i could further imagine the vastness of our many landscapes...

14 April 2010

snippets. that which has (been).

reflections on home

there's something magical about the place, or places, we call home. in many ways home, to me, is a state of existence more than a physical place. it is more than my literal birthplace, although this too is of course home. but the very concept of birthplace, a place of creation, reflects my sense of what it means to be home when birthis considered as transformation, growth, and renewal. so, maybe what this means for me is that home is a birthplace and, as i have in many ways experienced many different "births," (both small and large) i have also lived in (temporarily and long-term) many different homes. there are instances is my memory where i became instinctually and viscerally aware that i was home. some of these memories are wrapped up in intuition more than a physical image of where i was. some of these memories, these feelings of being home, came from the pages of a book or the spices in food. i experience moments from time-to-time where i know, with all the certainty i am capable of believing in, that i am where i am supposed to be. this is home. as a firm believer in free will i have to clarify that this sense of being where i am supposed to be is not wrapped up in pre-destiny. for me it is a simple reflection of choice. and through my conscious decision-making i have found another place where i am reborn. this is home.